Welcome to the Pallesen Lab at Indiana University Bloomington

Pallesen Lab � Facilities

Electron Microscopy

We have an FEI Talos Arctica installed in our building. This microscope is equipped with both an FEI Falcon3 direct electron detector and a Gatan K3 direct electron detector. Our lab has ample access to this cryo-EM suite. We also have an FEI Vitrobot Mark IV robot for cryo sample vitrification. The Pallesen Lab also has access to FEI Titan Krios cryo-EM suites across the country, including one in driving distance at Purdue University.


For cryo-EM data processing, our lab has two HP Z8 Linux towers, each equipped with two 18-core multithreaded Intel Xeon CPUs, two Nvidia RTX8000 GPUs, 384GB memory, 4TB SSD temp drive and 50TB of storage. We use HPC solutions for storage. Moreover, IU's HPC cluster Big Red 200 is currently being expanded with 64 GPU nodes each equipped with four Nvidia A100 GPU cards. Nodes are in testing and will appear online shortly.

Wet Lab

We have about every bit of equipment one could desire for structural biology projects. Our equipment includes:

  • BioRad NGC Discover 10 FPLC system and an array of columns
  • AKTA FPLC purifier system and an array of columns
  • Three bio-reactors for cell culture
  • Three copper CO2 incubators
  • Three shaker incubators for cell culture
  • Beckman ultracentrifuge
  • Beckman ultracentrifuge
  • Four centrifuges, including cell culture centrifuge
  • Two -80C freezers
  • Implen NP80 spectrophotometer