Welcome to the Pallesen Lab at Indiana University Bloomington

Jesper Pallesen


I have accumulated state-of-the-art expertise in the fields of virology, immunobiology and cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). My competences comprise project design and execution to provide atomic-resolution structure-and-function information of challenging, conformationally flexible protein complexes that constitute bases for vaccine and immunotherapeutic design. I am technically advanced and master all aspects of cryo-EM data collection and treatment, atomic model building/refinement and in silico molecular dynamics simulations. I am thus uniquely qualified to solve structures of challenging "moving-target" specimens as recently demonstrated by my atomic-resolution fusion-intermediate structures of HIV-1 Env, Influenza H7 HA and MERS S. I am fully equipped to apply my advanced methodology repertoire in even more challenging contexts of conformational heterogeneity and in situ structure determination. Additionally, I hold thorough expertise in both nucleic acid and protein biochemistry, biophysics and expression/purification techniques. My MBA degree with concentrations in Finance and Ledership/Management provides me a unique foundation for project and personnel administration. My detailed knowledge of IP law provides a strong foundation for identifying and developing patentable technologies. As an incoming Indiana University Assistant Professor, my research program expands logically from, as well as firmly distinguishes itself from, my prior well-established line of work.

Personal details

Name: Jesper Pallesen
Email: work


2019-present: Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Indiana University Bloomington, IN

2018-2018: Staff Scientist, The Scripps Research Institute, CA, USA

2016-2018: Sr. Research Associate, The Scripps Research Institute, CA, USA

2014-2016: Research Associate, The Scripps Research Institute, CA, USA

2013-2014: IP consultant and technical writer, Jack Schwartz & Associates, PLLC, NY, USA

2013-2014: Staff Professional, John McEnroe Tennis Academy, NY, USA

2009-2013: Research Associate, Howard Hughes Medical Institute/Columbia University/New York Presbyterian Hospital, NY, USA

2008-2009: Research Scientist, Columbia University/New York Presbyterian Hospital, NY, USA

2003-2007: Teaching Associate, Aarhus University, Denmark


2016: MBA at Rady School of Management, University of California San Diego, CA, USA

2008: PhD in Biophysics, Biochemistry and Nanotechnology, Aarhus University, Denmark

2005: MSc in Molecular Biology, Aarhus University, Denmark

2003: BSc in Biology, Aarhus University, Denmark


2014: Awarded the "Emerging Leaders Fellowship" by Ernest Rady Family Foundation

2014: Awarded "Brandes Academic Fellowship"

2014: Green card holder: awarded permanent US residency as an Advanced Degree Holder of Exceptional Ability in the National Interest

2005: Awarded Honorary University PhD Scholarship (Four years of full funding for four-year program; Faculty of Science, Aarhus University, Denmark)

2003: Graduated in top 3% of class with honors (BSc, Aarhus University, Denmark)

Professional activities

2004-present: Participated in numerous scientific conferences giving poster presentations and scientific talks

2003-present: Taught various advanced classes for MSc students; theoretical and practical. Mentored and supervised students


Tennis, hiking and SCUBA diving with family and friends