Welcome to the Pallesen Lab at Indiana University Bloomington

Newly started lab

03/01/2019 � The Pallesen Lab, exciting times ahead!

Dear All!

I am truly happy to announce the official start of the Pallesen Lab here at Indiana University Bloomington. The journey we are undertaking is no doubt going to be challenging, educational and exciting. We are located on the fourth floor of our building overlooking our truly spectacular campus through our big panorama windows. All visitors are welcome!

Our lab specializes in functional studies of immunobiological effector complexes of pivotal importance in viral and cancer disease biology. Our studies involve biochemical, molecular biological and biophysical techniques and revolve around cryo-EM structure determination. We also dedicate ourselves to cryo-EM method development both algorithmic and practical in nature.

Our start-up phase has been both hectic and productive. We have managed to get our brand new Talos Arctica/Falcon 3/K3 cryo-EM instrumentation installed and rigorously tested. Our cryo-EM performs just as well as one could possibly hope for. In addition, we have been planning our computational pipeline surrounding the microscope suite with fast data transfer to our incredible Data Center and purchase of multiple GPU computing nodes dedicated to cryo-EM data processing. More to come in the very near future.

We already work in well-established collaborations with high-profile researchers across the country. In addition, we are building a brand new wet lab facility. Our wet lab space includes our own tissue culture lab for which we have invested in a multiple bioreactor setup in combination with CO2 incubators. New boxes are arriving every day and much more to come!

Thank you for stopping by our new website, and don't forget to leave us a comment via email or our contact form!


-The Pallesen Lab